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Health Aids Associated With Melatonin in the Body

Melatonin is a hormone found in the pineal gland of your body. The main role of melatonin is regulating body rhythms and induce normal sleep wake cycle. A lot of benefits are achieved by having enough melatonin in the body as it performs numerous deeds. A low count of melatonin in your body may be of great harm. Melatonin is greatly known for its benefit to promote a healthy immune system. Below are some of the health benefits to having melatonin in the body.

Patients who are restless, and have a hard time in falling asleep have insomnia. The reason for this is due to the reduced volume in melatonin in the body unlike people with normal sleep pattern. With the help of melatonin that can be administered through tablets, patients are able to go to sleep and stay asleep for long. Melatonina treats anxiety and anxiety related disorders like bipolar disorder as it promotes serenity and a feeling of coolness.

Melatonin also protects the brain from increased inflammation that may create amplified cranial pressure. Most shocking brain injuries and neurological diseases have been treated with melatonin. Melatonin helps in preventing leakage of blood from the vessels to the brain that may cause brain fog.

Melatonin is also beneficial in eye health by promoting normal eye development. The part of the eye responsible for the production of melatonin is the retina. The main reason for this is for the retina to receive light and transform it to signals. This assists the brain with optical awareness since the lights aid the cells to generate melatonin. It also aids in the treatment of glaucoma a condition that increases pressure to the eye and can cause nerve cell damage.

Another health benefit of melatonin in the body is that it helps reduce symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis better known as ALS and Parkinson’s diseases. The beginning of these diseases are known to take away your sleep and melatonin aids by inducing sleep. Melatonin also slows down the onset of other symptoms associated with the diseases as they progress.

In addition to the above these diseases are also assisted by the melatonin in the body. Heart related issues such as high blood pressure are controlled with melatonin in the body. The benefit of melatonin in the body is also to treat stomach acid reflux that is at times defined with the feeling of heartburn. Melatonin also aids in promoting fertility to both men and women. melantonin is of great importance to cancer patients as it helps them control the pain and avoid the production of new cancer cells. To prevent complications after organ transplant using melatonin will ensure that there won’t be any.

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